Stories of Compton and Hoods told through the words and eyes of the youth. In this project, we handed students with a disposable camera and gave them permission to capture their narratives of their communities. As students were gathering photos, they wrote stories about their communities. Some students were shy to write true stories and were uninspired by their surrounding; thus, were given the option to write "any story." Many of those students were boys and ended up writing "Superhero" narratives. 

Essential Question:
What does it mean to be an American?

Steps to the Project

  1. Writing the Narrative:
    1. Learning the literary devices as they were reading short stories
    2. Brainstorm/Outline using Plot Diagram
    3. Write/Peer Edit
    4. Finalize
  2. Photography:     
    Testing the Cameras: 
    *Group assignment details will vary according to class size. 
  • 5 cameras provided for each period
  • Group: 6 student assigned to one camera
  • Explore and shoot photos that express who they are: Ask the group to split again, first 1/2 of the group leaves the class and explores the campus taking a picture each. They should have about 20 minutes. Once they return, the next group goes.
  • Develop the film and discuss the criteria for excellence and raw photography

    Real Deal:
  • 5 cameras were provided for each class period
  • 6 students were assigned to one camera and were given 3 days each to take 4 photos


  • Disposable Cameras
  • Printing Cost
  • Paper Reems
  • Artist Costs

Budget: $1500-GoFundMe

Other Resources 


Artist in Residence

Jason (@castroclifton)

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