Letter to our Fathers


Students tackled down the difficult question of "Where are our Fathers?" Many of our students are raised by their moms and struggle with processing through the absence of their fathers. This unit goes over John Steinbeck's The Pearl and news article that present varying arguments about portrayals of Fathers. Through the reading and restorative justice practices, students create dialogue on such a difficult experience. Students who have exemplar to abusive dads share in community the collective narrative. 

Before beginning, I do share with students that I am responsible to report any suspicious threats to their safety to CPS.

Essential Question:
What makes a good father?

Steps to the Project

  1. Read "The Pearl" and discuss Fatherhood through the character, touching upon themes of greed and betrayal. 
  2. Supplement reading with articles (peep the slide above)
  3. Analyze the photography of Zun Lee to provide positive images of fathers in the Hood
  4. Analyze and compare spoken word literature and rap songs
  5. TYPE POEMS in Google Class/Re-write/Peer Edit/Write
    *I don't really teach poetic devices in this unit. We may touch about some tools earlier in the year, but students seem to have a natural and organic prose in their ethos.

Budget: $1500


Artist in Residence

James Chong (@_james_chong_)

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