Curator of Critical Conversations

“The power of a free mind consists of trusting your own mind to ask the questions that need to be asked and your own capacity to figure out the strategies you need to get those questions answered. Over time, this requires building communities that make this kind of intellectual and political work possible.” 
― Patricia Hill CollinsOn Intellectual Activism

I can help create those conversations of inquiry and dialogue, with a hope to build bridges and power amongst our communities. 

For yogi's, youth, professionals, artist, this is for us all....


Meditation and Social Identity: Flower Power

A workshop dedicated to facilitate conversations on social identity, based on race, gender, sexuality, class, family orientation, and other aspects of our social life that influence our self-perceptions. From the reflection, we process through spoken word poetry (no experience necessary) and begin to share our experience through conversation. 

Objective: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the intersectionality behind their self-perceptions and how these factors can empower and build community.  


Where do I Belong In All This: Social Justice Tree and My Theory of Action

Here we utilize the Social Justice Tree Framework and begin to analyze the root issues of the inequities within our community; the structures and institutions that perpetuate the inequalities; and the outcomes and consequences of such systems in place. After reflection, participants are guided through processing and setting first steps in determining their desired level of impact. 

Objective: Participants will be able to identify the historical and present issue of systematic inequalities and determine their role in combatting the system.


Homage to our Ancestors: History of Immigration Law